Coffee makes me ____________.

Creative answers are welcome ;)


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  2. coffeeaddict02 answered: feel simply Marvelous. Nothing makes life more manageable than a great cup of coffee.
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  4. cherylcereza answered: a good person
  5. comehaveacuppa answered: all dreamy about the endless possibilities of life! =)
  6. shearel answered: feel like the morning is well spent!
  7. heylohran answered: awesome
  8. myrecklessserenade answered: at peace with the world :)
  9. du-cafe answered: happy :)
  10. quintonsgirl answered: happy and not that grumpy :)
  11. hijekkaro replied:
  12. hijekkaro answered: yeah.. coffee makes me feel relax.. i love its aroma
  13. miniemy answered: fly!
  14. ifarabale said: turn to silk. eyes widen. jitter. smoothen out. calm productivity
  15. cofyjunky answered: Coffee makes me do stupid things faster with more energy. (Typical answer, I know, but I need my siesta)
  16. lydiaroseeeee answered: happy
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    Want poptarts
  18. averysnarkyelephant answered: ? happy and hyper
  19. the-way-you-do answered: happier
  20. toplesscoffeedrinker answered: all warm and fuzzy inside?
  21. ariyantirah answered: ?
  22. goosexfrabba said: Pee a lot
  23. luna-et-hazel answered: productive
  24. utongbits answered: better
  25. raquelalina answered: complete :)
  26. thejellycopter answered: have goosebumps
  27. paixtoday said: me
  28. fleursdelaville answered: grow angel wings and start flying… like maximum ride, but cooler.
  29. erraticmusingsofamuse reblogged this from thatcoffeehouse and added:
    feel nothing… ;-) i merely like the smell
  30. atelieartedebordar answered: feliz!
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    ? regain my strength
  32. ernstzoekt answered: Coffee makes me!
  33. halfpastwhenever answered: fncution… wokr…. god damn it, I need some coffee.
  34. gurkieva answered: passionately to do anything
  35. watdodafuxsay answered: functional
  36. raghadjavier answered: able to see the sun light
  37. ifana7814 answered: Live life the way I want to
  38. yvettewen answered: alive
  39. stitchordie said: Function
  40. jasmine-does-wevertf-she-wants answered: human